"Fundamental to our mission, FoodWorx Enterprises is a model of Social Enterprise, merging our social mission with an earned income perspective allowing for both short-term and long-term self-sufficiency."


Darryll Rudy, Executive Director.


About FoodWorx


Our Mission: Sustainable Work Sustainable Life


The mission of FoodWorx Enterprises, a non-profit organization, is to enable formerly incarcerated persons to successfully reenter society, supported by sustainable employment. We accomplish this mission through four integrated programs:


Bakery/Culinary Arts Training

Awake to Work and Life Self-Awareness Program

Basic Needs Support Services

Family/Community Integrated Support & Services


Applicants are referred to FoodWorx Enterprises by local and regional agencies and the VT State Department of Corrections. FoodWorx Enterprises training and services are available at no cost to participants.






Bakery/Culinary Arts Training

Bakery/Culinary Arts Training


The FoodWorx Bakery/Culinary Arts Training program provides on-the-job training to interns as they work in our wholesale/retail business. This reality-based, real-time work environment offers interns hands-on experience in applying bakery/culinary skills, as well as a rich opportunity to manage the daily pressures of work supported by a FoodWorx Enterprises job coach/mentor.


 Upon completion of the program, interns may be eligible to continue as paid FoodWorx Enterprises employees or are assisted in finding employment with local/regional bakeries, restaurants, or other culinary settings such as hospital and school cafeterias.







Awake to Work and Life


Offered in conjunction with the Bakery/Culinary Arts Training program, the Awake to Work and Life program is based on the simple principles of mindful awareness meditation. Through raising their self-awareness, interns shift negative behavior patterns in both their work lives and their daily lives in the community, with their families and other relationships. The program provides individuals with the necessary tools, long-term support, and guidance to recognize and change deep habitual patterns that have contributed to their criminal activity and subsequent unemployment.







Basic Needs Support Services


Complementing the Bakery/Culinary Arts Training program, FoodWorx Enterprises staff work hand-in-hand with local service providers to help

interns meet the basic needs that can have a direct impact on their successful re-entry such as:


Healthcare Coverage


Food & Clothing


Legal Arrangements


Human Services and Related Support Groups







Family/Community Integration Services and Programs

Another key component to successful re-entry is an individual’s ability to re-engage with previously established relationships – family and other – as well as to form new ones. Family dynamics and strains, in particular, often can trigger deep behavior patterns and lead to re-offense. Family members require time and support to heal from the trauma caused by their loved one’s incarceration. With this in mind, FoodWorx Enterprises

provides interns and their families with programs and services designed to help them reintegrate and strengthen relationships in ways that will lower the risk of triggering unhealthy responses. These programs also guide interns in establishing new, healthy, supportive relationships in the community – including opportunities for interns to “give back” through volunteer service.




An Outcome that Benefits Everyone


FoodWorx Enterprises’ comprehensive program and social enterprise model will help to create employment opportunities, create county-wide financial savings, contribute to the local economy, and develop the potential of individuals to become productive, self-sustaining, joyful and compassionate members of society.






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